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SOGECO Sogeco has consistently and continuously provided the highest quality staffing support to its Clients. At Sogeco, we've made our name through comprehensive management controls, highly competitive pricing, and our bottom line commitment to quality.
Our project management approach is designed to achieve the results that all project stakeholders expect, while controlling costs, ensuring quality, and the timely completion of projects.

Sogeco' staff includes engineers, electricians, construction managers, business professionals, and skilled workers, experienced in each field of construction and design that will be required for success within the scope of work typically presented by the contracts we are awarded. We are experienced in all areas of construction, contract types, and contract management, specializing in the field of medium and large-scale retail, commercial and industrial buildings. Further, we have a full complement of qualified sub-contractors to augment our in-house capabilities, which enables us to meet all contract requirements.

Our successful track record is built upon a combination of diligence, flexibility, and process, all of which provide a thorough understanding our Clients' needs. Sogeco offers your project the benefits of quality, cost competitiveness, and the experience of a proven contractor.
Throughout our history, we have met every contract cost, schedule and performance requirement for every contract we've been awarded.

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Sogeco Group

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